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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  September 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> two breaking stories tonight. flooding in las good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. captioned by the national captioning institute is abc7and in hd, this >> 3 breaking stories. up, from prince william county. police say a man was stabbed men broke into his
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home. officers say the suspects stole the man's vehicle. searching for an older 1990 white buick regal sedans. the suspect and the victims know other and there is no general threat to the public. posted when weu get any more information. another story from culpeper, virginia. death and how it is tied to another death. a man who was shot and killed by culpeper police officer has - whose wife was shot dead culpeper police officer has dead in his apartment. just six months later, his wife andshot by a police officer he filed criminal charges. what people are saying about this. >> investigators are saying very little. stage, it does not appear that fall play was a factor. the latestng debt is
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in this investigation that captivated the community and consumed the last six months of life.ook's >> i have a lot of questions. i would like to find out what is on.g >> a heart broken gary cook talked to us in february. disturbinged after a altercation with a culpeper police officer. was unarmed. >> the search for truth was cut 62-year-old man was found dead this morning, leaving in disbelief. >> i was in shock. he was a hard-working man. >> maintenance workers found his body inside his apartment. while the investigation is play waslice say foul a factor. incident with his wife, then, i saw less of
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him. everything was okay hard for himing right now. e from that, i let him be his and -- with him and his family. >> he was embroiled in a legal battle with police. he found -- filed a $5 million t against the department, wife was killed. the incident led to murder against the officer and filed a wrongful death suit. in it, he claimed when the fired, ms. cook not endangering his life or person.r cook was asking for more than $5 predatory and punitive damages. his autopsy is scheduled for tomorrow. >> thank you. news from the state department. we'll learn from hillary clinton department officer in an attack on u.s. consulate in libya.
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one of two people who were shot armed men who stormed the consulate. point, we have few other details. when we learn more, we will bring it to you. on to another big story of the day. the11th anniversary of attacks. 11 services were held in our marking the day that al qaeda hijacked commercial them intond flew national landmarks. >> family and loved ones .athered live outside the pentagon with earlier todayice and this evening. >> a changed nation paused in thousands off the lost on september 11. 184 here at the pentagon. a local university also paused remember. >> 11 years after the attacks, of you areny here to join in our commemoration. >> hundreds of george
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washington university students likely thewhat was youngt day of their lives. see the smoke the pentagon. >> 11 years ago, a series of terrorist attacks started the horizon and our hearts. never forget what happened that day. >> students and faculty paid theire to those who lost lives, including nine george washington alumni. >> andrew k friedman, a graduate of the colombian college. >> a time of reflection and gratitude. ♪ y home sweet home >> earlier in the day, the president placed a wreath where the plane smashed into the pentagon. >> he was there on that day, the deadurvivors and from the rubble. >> it changed me as an also america.
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>> 9/11 should not be a day of hate or division. be a day for a stable world, a stronger nation, and a evere more united than before. >> president obama also visited arlington national cemetery, killed in the afghanistan and iraq. >> in addition to all of these festivities, the nation the attack that our nation course of and the world. >> john roberts crews. >> at ground zero, the families of those killed read the names of loved ones. in years past all local and national politicians took part the readings. also in new york, moments of silence were held at the exact the planes went into the tigers -- into the towers.
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in shanksville, the vice president spoke. he took part in a wreath-laying those on flight 93. those passengers fought back t hijackers before crashing into a field. >> former president bill clinton remembers the lives lost on the campaign trail. tonight, where urged americans to remember by being a good citizen and registering to vote. the first ofnt was having inlinton was support of president obama. the first lady and gop nominee mitt are both planning to campaign in virginia this week. mrs. obama will headline rallies richmond and the university fredericksburg this thursday. will host a rally in fairfax that same day. comes after his wife him there last
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week. >> breaking news from las vegas. severe thunderstorms led to , flooded roads leang to water rescues. rescue crews used helicopters to reach those in danger. firefighters responded to about calls to people in vehicles. it did not appear any one was y hurt.l will keep you posted on that. come, a campus controversy at american university. things that a professor did class and whyof thatprofessor is outraged some found it upsetting. >> first, a beloved high school student gunned down on his way to school. hear from his family.
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>> knew at 11:00, prince police are intensifying
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their search for suspects in the an 18-year-old high- school student. marckel ross was shot while to high school. police spent hours canvassing the scene for evidence. his father could not understand his son.e would hurt >> he was a kind person. is all. i cannot really talk. i cannot really talk. >> investigator say this case is wide open. no leads or suspects. anyone with information is asked prince george's police. >> tonight, florida a&m in theity takes a stand death that has taken national attention. isjust to the school blaming. >> 7 is on your side with the information put brd on the eve unveiling of the apple 5. the number that may surprise you. >> students at american ofversity are out in support herofessor room breastfed lecturing a class.
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some do not think it is a big deal. think it is a very big deal. i am bob ryan. into the '60s heading towards lamar.
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>> florida and university asists it is not to blame for hazing death last fall. a drum major died after bedmates during a hazing ritual on the bus. in legal papers filed today, university officials say they responsible for his death. was responsible death because he could have refused to take part in the ritual. >> an admission in the tell-all by the boyfriend of turned, accusedt- murderer amanda knox. he admits his and her behavior given police reason for suspicion in the murder herstigation surrounding roommate. convicted in her 2007 death but their convictions were overturned.
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is said to be released next week. >> there is a brewing controversy going on at american professor after a her infant child in the middle of class. >> that is not the only issue. some are questioning why she class iner child to the first place. lives just off the american campus with all sides to this argument. >> professor fine definitely has r supporters on campus. you -- let me show them to you. they made a bunch of signs and out to support her. was the first day of her ago. a couple of weeks cancel butto was sick.irl decided to bring the child got hungry the child class so she breastfed her while lecturing. >> i did not have a problem with it. many students say they would if a professor during class baby she wrote on ae
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blog that her child was sick and to be fed. >> if it is for the child's health, it would not be a big deal for me. t she needed to do. this sophomore was there she breastfed the girl. had to finish the class. know that she was to do it. i think she handled it in a really -- in the most professional way she could. >> some students do not like what she did. i thought it was very unprofessional. she should have at least stepped out of the room. >> i thought it was inappropriate that she brought in the firstclass place. on a blog post written after was contacted, she wrote her workplace had become a environment and said she was shocked and annoyed that consideredbe newsworthy. she told abc7 she was not supposed to comment. >> back out your live. see the folks who have
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support the professor. for american university, they statement saying the policydoes not have a breast-feeding but does local and federal rules for what it is supposed to do for nursing mothers. the school also went on to not condemn or support what professor pine did in the did point outit that when an employee has a sick child, there is a policy where they can take leave and stay home with that child. that is an option, the school pointed out. live at american university. >> thank you. seven is on your side with a marketplace reaction. apple set to unveil the iphone 5 tomorrow. industry experts predict that e will sell 10 million new the first couple of this device is released. expected to have a bigger screen among other new features. less than one year after the iphone 4s, which
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came out in september 11. -- in september 2011. >> you can follow bob ryan on twitter. t better be a delicious apple. matter, as long as money.s >> outside today, my goodness. cool this morning but a sunset and a beautiful sunrise. we did not get 24 hours of daylight. losing two minutes each day.very temperatures made it into the 70s. right now, 66 degrees. have you noticed how early the setting? 7:22. in four weeks, it is at 6:38. while we were delighted with e 70s, thees in th of the country was 90s.e record rain over las vegas, over
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1 inch. out there, there much places for the water to go. temperatures were below average. way above average in the middle the country. is what is left of lesley. that is newfoundland, where they had a hurricane watch. it came by with winds of 80 per hour, 20-foot seas, 4 inches of is nadine, way out in the atlantic. going.etting away from us. nadine will stay way out in the all we will be left with is a fair amount of the pattern over us nice pattern. is how things look right hours. over the next 24 again, dry air. any clouds and showers staying well away from us. out tomorrow morning and head out,
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again will be a nice sweater-kind of morning 60s.d the this thoughts this morning there 40s will be 49 or 48 degrees. the sunshine, at temperatures will rise into the 70s. as we get later into the week tomorrow and thursday, moisture coming way. really bad. the next time it does anything would be a risk of a few showers the weekend. again, cool morning tomorrow morning. in town, into the mid that -- 50s. temperatures with a comfortable humidity still around 80 degrees. none of the sticky heat and humidity coming our way. chance of an afternoon shower. nothing like the wild weather of last saturday. the next couple of days just
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scrumptious. >> fabulous. we will take it. k you. >> i want to take a second to extend a warm welcome to the our team.ber of as you see, sitting pretty in pink next to bob and doug, has joined us from cnn. she will be with us today and with steve in the morning. she got on me for calling her my old friend. [laughter] with to thorns. >> welcome, jackie. >> absolutely. >> the redskins are underdogs again as they head into week two. harper gets four-hit game. they are on
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>> the toyota sports desk is localt to you by your toyota dealers. moving you forward. >> the nationals are on picks to win 100 ballgames this year, which is incredible. recordton has the best all of baseball. with a win tonight, they a 7.5-game lead over the braves. let me take you to milwaukee. tyler moore gets crunches.
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let's go to the top of the ninth,. -- ninth. suzuki takes this pitch of the middle. the nationals wind again, 5-3. they are now 88-54 and rowling. let's go to baltimore. and orioles. gets saucy, takes moore out. they go on to beat tampa bay. 2.e final there is 9- play of the night from the cubs and astros. rizzo would collide at first base and goes down hard and awkwardly. he is never under control. he hits his head. watch the replay. comes down hard on the helmet. he had to leave the ball game. it has been less than one week since brandon mccarthy could not thein the way of comebacker.
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this is a fractured skull. two hours of surgery to repair it. thankfully, he was released from the hospital after making a miraculously coverage from this hit. he is now ok. redskins had the day off. will return tomorrow and game planning for the st. louis rams. the rams are an early three- over washington. this town is still buzzing over the debut of rg3. at the top of the stats for the passing game. total quarterback rating. his mobility and its capability to this offense. to be honest, rg3 is just having fun. in soccer, hercules gomez curled kick in the back of the the 55th minute and the states beat jamaica. anncr: this casino's in west virginia.
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in the p people, businesses, and organizations that call greater washington home. whether it's funding an organization that provides new citizens with job t training, working with an anacostia school that promotes academic excellence, or supporting an organization that serves 5,000 meals a day across d.c., what's important to the people of greater washington is important to us, and we're proud to work with all those who are making our communities stronger. >> a day to day with clear skies. of the eeriness and thew the sky weather pattern almost 11 years almost the same.
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more fine weather tomorrow and for the next few days. look forward to it. >> that
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